Amafruits organic açaí purees made from 100% pure açaí berries
Amafruits Frozen Açaí Purees are Made from 100% Pure Organic Acai Berries
All Natural, Pure Brazilian Fruit Pulps Freshly Frozen in Easy-To-Use Packs
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Frozen Brazilian Açaí Berry Pulp

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Organic Açaí Berry…and more

What started as a way to bring premium, authentic Brazilian Açaí Pulp to our friends and family has quickly expanded. We know you will enjoy the nutritional power and delicious, natural flavor of our hand-picked, organically-grown acai berries along with our three new superfruits - Acerola Cherry, Cupuaçu and Graviola Soursop. All natural, pure fruit freshly frozen and delivered straight to you from the Amazon Rainforest.

As many of you already know, the best way to get açaí outside of the Amazon, where the acai grows, is a frozen açaí puree. The freezer acts as a preservative for the highly perishable Açai, so no preservatives are needed. It's that pure and simple.

Frozen fruit purees are also a great way to get other fragile fruits like Acerola and Graviola, or hard to pulp fruits like Cupuacu, from the Amazon to the outside world. We’ve chosen three of the most healthy fruits of the Brazil Amazon to puree and freeze into easy-to-use smoothie packs for a healthy and tasty addition to your day. We hope you will enjoy them as much as we do.


“I used my first Acai puree today in my smoothie. EXCELLENT! They got here super fast and were still frozen solid.”   - Amy C.

“I recently made an Acai Bowl with Amafruits Acai. It is absolutely delicious! Better than any acai I've ever had. So glad I found you guys!”  
- Hali H.

“I recently ordered your Acai Traditional Mix and had to tell you how much I love it! I drink a pack before going to the gym and it makes a huge difference in my energy and stamina. I love the taste too, sort of chocolately and fruity, and very rich and delicious. I will definitely be ordering again! ”   - Peter M.

“I absolutely love your pure açai purée. I like to mix it with Greek yogurt and kefir for a morning, mid-day and evening snack. Thank you for bringing these delicious and nutritious tropical berries to my home!”  
- Jason H.

“The acai arrived as expected and still frozen. Been using it for a few weeks now and its great!”   - Michael R.

Freshly Frozen
Organic Açai Purees
The best way to get the
full nutrition of açai berries.
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