Graviola Purees

Also known as soursop, this heart-shaped tropical fruit’s prickly green exterior reveals a creamy-textured and complexly-flavored flesh that is adored in tropical regions around the world. Graviola’s flavor is often compared to a mix of strawberry and pineapple ranging from tart to semi-sweet. The Brazilian variety is considered some of the most nutritious, and it exhibits excellent antioxidant cellular defense. Our Amafruits Pure Graviola Purees come in convenient and versatile frozen packs, the best way to retain the full nutrition, natural characteristics and truly unique flavor of the graviola fruit. Perfect for making smoothies, fruit bowls, juices, exotic cocktails and much more. Available in freshly frozen in easy-to-use, individual serving packs.

  • No sugar added
  • Non GMO Project Verified
The wonderful world of Graviola
Vitamins & Minerals, Naturally
Packed with nutrition including dietary fiber, vitamins B1, B2 and C and botanical source of iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, zinc and calcium.
Naturally Low in Sugar
Graviola has very low sugar levels in its natural state, and our purees never use added sugar.
Support Your Immune System
A good source of antioxidant vitamin C and B vitamins, with a remarkable concentration of phytonutrients.
Enjoy More Energy
B-complex vitamins and trace minerals for proper muscle function, plus electrolytes to replenish the body after exercise.

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Amafruits graviola fruits are sustainably harvested by small, family farmers then pulped and flash frozen, so you can be guaranteed the same freshness and rich nutritional benefits as you would get in the Amazon.


Graviola can be considered a multi-cultural tropical fruit. Originally from South and Central America, graviola was one of the first fruits to spread from its New World origins to the tropics of the Old World. Because the fruit is heavy (it can weigh up to 15 lb/7 kg), very quick-ripening and fragile, there was little fresh fruit sold outside the tropics. Today, frozen purees and concentrates have allowed the fruit to spread to other countries with many regional uses ranging from desserts to juices, beverages and smoothies.


We aspire to have a positive impact on the world—sustainability and social responsibility initiatives are foundational to our purpose, and we engage others to do so as well.


Love this stuff, makes great smoothies! Packaging was so impressive! This is the next best thing to fresh. Oh, Jamaica, til we meet again.
Lois C.
So tasty! I love this product! I began to change to an alkaline diet and this is a product I will definitely order again.
Verified Customer
The best frozen Graviola I've tasted. Enjoy it every time in smoothies or can just drink it right from the bag.
Anonymous Customer
Five stars! Great product, great flavor, great packing, definitely will buy again.
Verified Customer