Acerola Purees

Named for its small, bright red cherry appearance and tart cherry-apple flavor, the acerola cherry is also known as the Barbados or West Indian cherry. Amafruits Pure Acerola Cherry Purees come in convenient frozen packs, the best way to retain the full nutrition, natural characteristics and true, refreshing flavor of the acerola cherries. Perfect for making smoothies, fruit bowls, juices, exotic cocktails and much more. Available in freshly frozen and easy-to-use, individual serving packs.

  • No sugar added
  • Non GMO Project Verified
The wonderful world of Acerola
Boost Your Immune System
One of the world’s most potent sources of vitamin C, it is also a good source of Vitamin A, with the added boost of a high concentration of polyphenols.
Naturally Low in Sugar
Acerola has very low sugar levels in its natural state, and we never add any.
Vitamins & Minerals, Naturally
A healthy combination of vitamins A, B and C and botanical source of iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, zinc and calcium.
Acerola illustration
Refreshing Taste
Juicy & refreshing, with a tart & sweet, cherry & apple flavor combination.
For a Healthy Heart
This potent source of vitamin C & good source of potassium helps reduce stress on the cardiovascular system & support cholesterol management.
Enjoy More Energy
Increase stamina and energy, with essential amino acids, important trace minerals, & antioxidants to reduce free radicals created from stress of exercise.

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Amafruits ensures that all of our acerola cherries are carefully selected from small, family farmers in the Amazon regions of Brazil, then immediately pulped and flash frozen, so you can be guaranteed the same freshness and rich nutritional benefits as you would get in the Amazon.


Acerola has long been consumed in Brazil as a health tonic, and as an enjoyable and refreshing natural drink. The acerola cherry can be eaten fresh but has also been added to juices, smoothies, jams, syrups and jellies. In fact, juice from acerola is as widespread in Brazil as orange juice in the U.S.A. It is one of the top sources of vitamin C for Brazilians. Besides traditional uses of acerola, athletes use acerola for improving physical endurance.

Acerola smoothie in glass with History


We aspire to have a positive impact on the world—sustainability and social responsibility initiatives are foundational to our purpose, and we engage others to do so as well.


When you have been living away from Brazil for so many years and you come across this, you'll say your gratitude prayers! The pulp is as flavorful as the juice made from the fruit on the same day. Love acerola!!!!