Amafruits promotes the use of sustainable and renewable sources in all aspects of our business—from the sourcing of our fruits to the packaging and delivery of our products to consumers. We are proud to partner with completely sustainable businesses and operations in the Amazon region guaranteeing that we use only wild-harvested açaí berries.

The Amazon rainforest accounts for about 25% of the world’s remaining tropical rainforests and its diversity must be preserved. Fruit production there is mainly based on gathering, the collecting and extracting of renewable natural resources in a sustainable way. Since producers grow trees, collect only the fruit, and take care of the forest, gathering helps recover depleted areas and preserve the native forest, avoiding Amazon deforestation.

Through açaí and other fruits, we are all helping protect the Amazon rainforest and spread an understanding about ways we can live sustainably and preserve our precious planet for future generations.

Sustainability Highlights
Wild-harvested açaí
Only wild-harvested berries are used to make Amafruits açaí fruit purees
Preserve and protect
The survival and diversity of the Amazon, ~25% of the world’s remaining tropical rainforest
A gathering culture
Collecting and extracting only renewable natural resources in a sustainable way
illustration of the earth
Creating opportunities
Thousands of jobs support local communities and provide an economic alternative to deforestation
Fostering change
Sharing ways we can live sustainably and preserve our precious planet


Amafruits is committed to making sure everyone with whom we interact, from the family farmers and gatherers in the Amazon River delta communities who supply our açaí to the consumers who use our products, is treated fairly and with respect.

acai berries with Fair Trade in background


We proudly support Fair Trade practices through our business activities, ensuring that the small family farmers who provide our fruits receive a fair income for their harvests.