Amafruits was originally established to offer authentic Brazilian-style açaí, and today we offer a variety of Amazon superfruits. It is our philosophy that a healthy lifestyle is built on a foundation of natural foods and fruits and vegetables.

Passion matters to our company—it is the manifestation of our purpose, dedication and vision. We are committed to a triple bottom-line approach: people, planet and profits. Our mission is to share with our customers the wonderful flavors and nutritious benefits of fruits from the Amazon, to promote sustainable business practices that respect everyone with whom we interact and the environment, and to operate a business that improves the quality of life locally, nationally and internationally.

Why Amafruits?
Nutritional benefits
Antioxidant rich, energy boosting, heart healthy and supportive of the immune system
Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified
Never exposed to pesticides or toxins, with no artificial anything, including GMOs
Wild-harvested fruits
Help support an ethical, sustainable, fair trade culture
illustration of graviola, cupuacu, goiaba, pitaya, acerola, and acai fruits
Customer-first approach
We have an open dialogue with our customers and deliver on their needs
Transparency throughout
You can be confident in our honesty, integrity and commitment to improving quality of life
Harvest process
Only the finest quality fruits and wholesome natural ingredients are used
Harvest Process
From the Amazon
All natural, pure fruit.
For maximum quality & freshness.
Freshly Frozen
In easy-to-use single serve packs.
Delivered to You
Open and enjoy!

VIDEO: Amafruits açaí production process


This came very well packaged, still frozen and also came with some additional reading material, which was handy. It tastes great! I allow mine to thaw just slightly before putting it into the blender. I then serve it with a little flaked coconut, some nuts, dried fruit ... delish!
Had to let you know how flippin' awesome Amafruits Açaí is! I'm really pleased with the level of quality & flavor in comparison to other brands on the market. So knowledgeable about all things Açaí and I look forward to what the future brings!
Michael F.
If you are hesitating - DONT! This is super awesome, great tasting and good for you. So happy with first order, I'm already stocking up more. Cannot say enough how pleased I am with this product.
Dawna B.
edge of rainforest

Learn More About Our Efforts

Only the finest quality organic fruits and wholesome natural ingredients are used, and the majority of our fruit is wild-harvested—a sustainable industry. We proudly support Fair Trade practices through our business activities, ensuring that the small family farmers who provide our fruits receive a fair income for their harvests.


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