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These customers love our product, and we know you will too! Want to send us a testimonial? Send it to us here.

I seriously can't say how much I love your frozen acai! We had it delivered and it was here so fast (still frozen) and today I used it to make an acai bowl...but ended up having to make 4 because as soon as my husband and kids tried it they all wanted one! Thank you so much for providing such a high quality product! I would recommend you to anyone.
- Terra S.

I recently made an Acai Bowl with Amafruits Acai. It is absolutely delicious! Better than any acai I've ever had. So glad I found you guys!
- Hali H.

I had to let you know how flippin' awesome Amafruits Acai is! I'm really pleased with the level of quality & flavor in comparison to other brands on the market. I also want to thank you for being not only easy to work with, but also extremely knowledgeable about all things Acai and I look forward to what the future brings!
- Michael F.

Your acai purees are like nothing I have ever tasted! I love them! I have been concocting some very interesting combinations and using the recipes on the site as well. Thanks again!
- Marcia G.

I recently ordered your Acai Energy Mix and had to tell you how much I love it! I drink a pack before going to the gym and it makes a huge difference in my energy level and stamina. I love the taste too, sort of chocolately and fruity, and very rich and delicious. I will definitely be ordering again!
- Peter M.

- Mary T.

I have been using your Acai for two months now and feel better and more engerized. I mix the puree w/orange juice and the feeling is amazing. I enjoy the sustained energy that these berries bring because since I have incorporated them into my diet I have had a loss in appetite and more energy.
- Christopher V.

My son and I drank the energy mix last night, and we both liked it! This morning, I had the pure with pineapple and ate/drank it, delicious! My son had another energy mix this morning! We love it, and are glad to get something healthy in our bodies!
- Diane W.

The acai cocktail recipe on your site was delicious. Everything blended together perfectly - great job with the recipe!
- Jennifer N.

I used my first Acai puree today in my smoothie. EXCELLENT! They got here super fast and were still frozen solid.
- Amy C.

My husband inhaled his acai banana smoothie this morning!
- Marti T.

I Love Acai, it tastes delicious, and makes me feel good to drink something healthy for my body! I mix it with grape juice, or pomegranate juice for added flavor sometimes.
- Bobbie M.

I can't seem to get enough!!!!
- Jeff D.

Everything arrived on time and in excellent (frozen) condition. The only problem I have is that my son has started to like my Acai packages to make smoothies with so I will probably run out faster than I thought. I guess that is a good problem. Once again thank you for all your help and kindness.
- Charles C.

I would love to order some more acai. My husband and the kids did not like the other brand we found at Whole Foods after trying Amafruits and no one here wants to eat it:-) So, we'll be ordering from Amafruits only until you get in our local Whole Foods. Thank you again for providing us with a such fine great product.
- Adriane A.

Great customer if you could just establish a training class for banks, and appliance companies, then life quality would go up many notches. Thanks again, and also for the great product!
- Kathy W.