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Amafruits was established to offer authentic Brazilian-style açaí to meet the growing demand for açaí. We pledge to provide only premium quality fruits and wholesome natural ingredients in our products.

It is our mission:
  • To share with our customers the wonderful flavors and nutritious benefits of fruits from the Amazon
  • To promote sustainable business practices that respect everyone with whom we interact and the environment
  • To operate a business that improves the quality of life locally, nationally and internationally
We are committed to a triple bottom-line approach: People, Planet and Profits. We understand that our business belongs to a larger system in which everything is connected, and that everything we do affects everything else. Companies that do not consider their impact on this world are truly missing the point. We are determined to seek new and creative ways for achieving environmental, social and financial success through our values and principles:
  • Passion matters to our company. Passion is the manifestation of purpose, dedication and vision. Our company believes passion is necessary to attain great things.
  • We believe in a customer first approach. This means having an open dialogue with our customers, listening and delivering on their needs.
  • We believe in the significance of human connections, because everyone and everything is interdependent. We value life in all its forms.
  • Our reputation matters to us and we will be truthful and honest in all we do.
  • We believe in and apply sustainable environmental practices whenever and wherever we can.
  • We are committed to doing business with socially responsible partners – companies that understand the concept of “fair trade” and also realize that how they treat their planet and stakeholders truly matters.
  • We are committed to quality. Quality is an initiative that needs dedicated people, systems and processes and we are devoted to this effort.
Although small compared to some of our conventional competitors, we aspire to have an impact on the world that is much larger than our size by engaging others to make the initiatives of sustainability and social responsibility as foundational to their purpose as it is to ours. We believe that the best way to ensure that we live up to our aspirations is to be completely transparent about our business practices. You should expect to see all of our values and principles in everything we produce, say and do. It is our simple promise to you!