Amafruits organic açaí purees made from 100% pure açaí berries
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Photo Gallery

acai palmberry trees image

Açaí palmberry trees growing in the Amazon River delta of Brazil

acai berries growing on palm image

Açaí berries grow in clusters on açaí palmberry trees

acai harvest

Amafruits worker picking açaí berries from a palm tree in the Amazon

acai berry clusters

Worker at top of acai palmberry tree harvesting açaí berry clusters

acai berries image

Açaí berry clusters freshly picked from palm tree

acai basket

Carrying baskets of freshly harvested açaí berries through the forest to a boat dock


Transporting the freshly harvested açaí berries down the river

acai berry seed image

90-95% of açaí berries are seed with a thin fleshy skin that provides all the nutrition

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