Amafruits organic açaí purees made from 100% pure açaí berries
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About Amafruits

Hi, my name is Rebeca, co-founder of Amafruits. I have been enjoying acai bowls, the traditional way to have acai berries, since I was young, growing up in Brazil.

In the mid 2000's, I moved to Chicago from Brazil, and I was excited to learn that the açaí berry had become an overnight sensation here in the United States. However, I quickly discovered that many of the açaí products in the U.S. really had little açaí and the flavor was either diluted or degraded.

For the next year, my husband and I fulfilled cravings for our favorite food, açaí berry pulp, by having family bring us real Brazilian açaí pulps on visits. However, we all know how that little purple fruit from the Amazon Rainforest can give you super energy. It’s with this energy and the growing requests from friends to get more of the acai we shared that planning and discussions evolved. 

We knew we wanted to do more than just make a living filling a niche and it wasn’t until we learned more about how the acai palmberry groves help protect the Amazon Rainforest and how the small local farmers and gatherers sustainably harvest the fruits, that it became apparent we could not only bring an importantly nutritious food to others, but we could also help preserve one of our most valuable treasures, the Amazon Rainforest. So, I spread the word and asked for family & friends to join me.

On early expeditions to the Amazon, we also became excited about offering several other super nutritious and exotic flavored fruits, not available in the U.S. From that point, Amafruits was founded to improve the world which we all share and offer only the best, all natural superfruits from the Amazon…Rainforest Fresh from Our Family to Yours!



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